Apr 08 2014

MEDIA ADVISORY: Ranking Members Smith, Cummings to Discuss Benghazi at Press Availability

Members to Lament Wasteful and Redundant Political Witch Hunt

Washington D.C. – House Armed Services Committee Ranking Member Adam Smith and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Ranking Member Elijah Cummings will hold a media availability this Wednesday, April 9th at 9:40 am to discuss Republicans’ continuing effort to turn the tragic attack in Benghazi, which took place more than a year and half ago, into a scandal.

On the heels of a letter from the Department of Defense explaining that redundant Congressional inquiries have cost millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours, on Wednesday, the Republicans will again call in four-star General Carter Ham to have him repeat what he has already told Congress.  Ham has already testified before the House Armed Services Committee and that testimony was used heavily in a Republican report issued in February that fully cleared the United States Military of any wrong doing on the night of the attack.  A Senate Bipartisan report has also cleared the military. Yet despite these two reports clearing the military, Republicans continue to call in senior military officials solely to pursue a political witch hunt that has only resulted in a waste of money, time and resources.

To date, the Oversight Committee has conducted 27 transcribed interviews and depositions, held three hearings, organized several partisan delegations to Libya, issued two GOP staff reports, and reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents. Chairman Issa’s investigation has been characterized by a series of wild and unsubstantiated political accusations about military and diplomatic personnel that have turned out to be completely inaccurate.

Who: Ranking Members Adam Smith and Elijah Cummings

Where: Outside of Rayburn House Office Building Room 2212

When:  Wednesday, April 9th at 9:40 a.m.

RSVP: Michael Amato (michael.amato@mail.house.gov) or Jennifer Hoffman (Jennifer.Hoffman@mail.house.gov)


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